Due to rather complicated circumstances, the Eastern Anglo-Saxonist is in fact enrolled in an early modern/modern history MA programme in UCL. The blessing in disguise is that I’ve had the opportunity to dabble with various pockets of later history, including the fascinating topic of transnational history. This has unsurprisingly resonated strongly with this Singaporean exiled by choice in the UK.

I am organising a conference with the help of my coursemates here in UCL, under the auspices of the UCL Centre for Transnational History. Entitled ‘Crossing Borders: People and Objects in Movement from 1500 to the Present’, we are looking for papers engaging with any aspect of transnational history, such as cosmopolitanism, mercantile networks, and diaspora studies. More details can be found on the website. The call for papers has recently been issued for abstracts no more than 250 words for papers of 15-20 min long. Abstracts should be sent by July 5, 2013 to peopleobjectsideas@gmail.com.

Publicity poster for conference