The Author

According to medieval legend, the Anglo-Saxons were led to England from eastern shores by two brothers, Hengist and Horsa. The author has taken a similar westward journey into the world of the Anglo-Saxons – albeit from Singaporean shores much further east than those of the Germanic tribes. It was during the author’s undergraduate years in the beautiful medieval city of York that he was first enraptured by the thrills and spills of the Middle Ages, which eventually developed into a more specific passion for the Anglo-Saxons under the tutelage of Dr Tom Pickles (now at Uni of Chester). Michael completed his Masters in History at UCL in 2013, with a dissertation entitled ‘The Boundaries of Demonic Influence in Anglo-Saxon England’. You can find the full dissertation and other academic work on his Academia profile here.

Following the completion of his Masters, Michael returned to Singapore to embark on a career as a History teacher in government schools. He is presently teaching at Commonwealth Secondary School. You can get in touch by emailing him at


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