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There is an unfortunate gap between the sagely musings of historians in their ivory tower of research and the Third Estate going about their business with scant need for the pretentious academisation of life. This site will attempt to straddle the line between ‘proper’ academia and public history by making the remote world of the Anglo-Saxons accessible to the non-specialist. It will assume some vague interest in the period but little academic knowledge, while (hopefully) putting forward points of discussion that will help to break down the barriers of the academic closed circle of medieval history. The chronological focus of this site will primarily be between AD 600-1066, although it may occasionally flit outside of these temporal boundaries to dabble with other areas of history. The author is a historian by training, but will try his hand at an interdisciplinary perspective since no Anglo-Saxonist can truly keep within the traditional parameters of their academic discipline.


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